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Today : Lapdog, Pix firewalls and thought crimes

Sometimes, waking up is your first mistake of the day.

So as some of the previous viewers of this group probably know, i work abuse@some.isp . Of course, this being a small to medium shop, i also double as router configurator, PFY to both system administrators (both the unixy kind and the windows kind) and general all around email problem dude ( after all, i can read email headers and i know how those email servers work ).

Consequently, one of our special projects is trying to get a lapdog auto authenticated using a w2k swerver for radius authentication thru a cisco fix firewall using the autoauthenticating feeping widgets integrated inside windows exploder so the users can seemlessly login to the network and then be permitted to surf on the outside of the firewall.

You head should be getting a little dizzy by now. And on top of that, instead of sleeping last night, i was instead chased thru 8 hours of dream by the police because of some thoughtcrime or other. Spending 8 hours running away from the cops and then waking up and confronting the autoauthentification fiasco ( which of course just won't work : and a certain integrated browser seems to be the possib...no, main suspect) makes me think of the very first sentence of this post.

And to top it off, the stupid lapdog won't cooperate. Grrr.
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