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*evil sucking noise within*

Client: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla balbalbalablablablabalbalba

ME : So lemme get this straight : everything was working right before you wanted to get this thing to connect automatically, correct ??
Client: yes.
ME : And then you went in internet options, and modified a bunch of things which you don't remember where and what you did , correct?
Client: Yes.
ME : And now that you can't go in (bank's website) and (instant messager software) you're calling me to fix it?
Client : yes.
ME : *twitch*.......*twitch*...... i'll put you on hold sir, just a moment.
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you LET clients instant message? man now you know the world has gone wrong when people at work can sit on IM all day. Productivity at it's finest.
at this non-profit organization I worked at, the executives thought it would be a great idea to use IM as a way to faster communicate with others, or AIM-mobile for technies or staff on the streets with their cells. it worked out for the most part until the executives tried holding an AIM discussion in a chat-room and some of the more zanier characters were trying to pick up chicks. example:

boss: so johndoe, how did that assessment go with acme?
johndoe: not bad, it's a small novell-based network we'll have to redo.
janedoe: lol i told u not 2 go 2 that gay stripclub LOL
RoMeO777: LOL wats ur num?
boss: ... everyone in my office.

and then I just setup an internal jabber server for any instant messaging needs for staff, and the rest is history.
Wow. They couldn't just make an irc server/chatroom for this? no wait, IRC is too complicated for regular people....

"What was your username again?" *clickety*click*click*

"I'm sorry sir. I don't see that you have an account with us...."
Unfortunatly, only the big boss has all the toys in this case, namely, he's the only one that has the power to kick people out. Such a shame.

Course, when i get a spammer on the phone ( as i am the abusemail-support-network-fixit-while-configuring-them-pixes bloke around here ) i ALWAYS make sure they understand that i am a nice guy, but essentially not to fuck with me.