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Dealing with AOL (/joy!) (/sarcasm!) (updated!)

So i come back today from a week long vacation where i did absolutly nothing, and it was absolutly everything i imagined it to be. And this is what i get in the abuse mailbox.

--------(start idiotic message from AOL)----------
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 09:04:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: postmaster@aol.com
Subject: AOL email concerns for isp-where-i-work-abuse.net
To: abuse@isp-where-i-work-abuse.net
X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.39

Dear isp-where-i-work-abuse.net,

You are receiving this message via our automated "Report Card" process (which helps analyze AOL's Internet inbound mail) because our available data indicate that isp-where-i-work-abuse has risen above the acceptable threshold for complaints:

Total number of AOL member complaints: 186

AOL takes proactive steps to contact owners of mail servers whose e-mail transmissions are impairing the functioning of AOL's proprietary e-mail system, or causing significant levels of AOL customer complaints.

AOL requests that you take immediate steps to resolve the issues identified in this AOL Report Card. In the absence of a satisfactory resolution, AOL reserves the right to take measures to protect its email network and its member goodwill from any possible damage. These measures may include declining to accept e-mail transmissions from isp-where-i-work-abuse.net through AOL's proprietary e-mail network.

AOL strives to provide the best online experience possible for our members, and we pride ourselves on being intensely focused on consumers and their needs. Email is a core feature of the AOL service, and the proper functioning of AOL's e-mail system is vital to our members' goodwill.

Please review AOL's e-mail policies and guidelines, as well as other technical details concerning e-mail on the AOL network, at http://postmaster.info.aol.com
------------(end message)--------------

Ooohhh, AOL's proprietary e-mail network. No information that is gonna be any use in determining WHY people are complaining at all. I guess this should not be a surprise, considering this crap is coming in from AOL! So i do the next available thing , i go to the website. Result : No information that is gonna be any use in determining WHY people are complaining at all. But there's a phone number.

Result of calling 1-888-212-5537:
*dials phone*
"The holding time for the next available consultant will be more than ten minutes."
...( silence )
"Thank you for calling America online ..."
*spits water all over desk, workdesk and papers*
(an hour later)
Hello, this is postmaster helpdesk, can i help you?

...And here i am explaining to the bloke on the phone the situation, namely that we are getting "Report cards" without any kind of information as to why people are complaining, with no headers or anything at all to help us.

REP:"oh, that's because you don't currently have a feedback loop with us."
ME : "huh? but we received your report cards in the abusemail box."
REP:"Yes, but you don't have a feedback loop with us"
ME :"You know, there are databases on the net where you can get the abuse contact information for ISPs and things like that."
REP:"Yes, but we made our own database"
ME :"Couldn't you have used those as a base for your own database?"
REP:"I cannot comment on that"

... and here are some other juicy interesting tidbits of information from this conversation...

REP: So what are your mail server's IP adresses.
ME : We have several : we're an ISP.
REP: Alright, then give em to me.
ME : That's why we use DNS names for our mail servers : if one breaks, we change the IP to another server while we fix the previous one.
REP: So you can't give me the IPs?


ME : So now we're gonna know what the complaints are about ?
REP: Yes, you should receive an email with headers whenever someone clicks on "place a complain" for that email.
ME : What about duplicates ?
REP: What about them ?
ME : Do you group the duplicates ?
REP: No, you should receive an email with headers whenever someone clicks on "place a complain" for that email.


AOL. There's a reason i use their CDs as coasters. It's not like the data on it is worth anything.
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