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The joys of hardware support.

AAaahhhh... $HWsupplier .Gotta love that computer company whose name has a strange resemblance with hell, or a well known east coast telco. Because i just lost a good hour of my life dealing with them idiots, i figure i'm well entitled to a regularly sized rant.

For some unknown reason, my bosses have taken it into themselves to buy a bunch of $HWSUPPLIER systems. Considering there are considrable numbers of clued employees well versed in the art of constructing PCs in this office, this decision came out as a little strange. Perhaps they wanted free licences, i do not know.

One of said systems has been requisitionned/put on my desk for several reasons, including the fact that i absolutly need to have a computer with the latest eXPerimental version of redmonware. It is in use for configuring a special brand of server software that, while running on *nix, requests you configure it thru a GUI only available and workable on Redmondware. But i digress ( because this whole paragraph needs a complete rant because of it's subject matter).

So one day i come up , and notice that the power light, which should be in the chosen variation of green,solid seems to be stuck on orange, flashing mode. This being a $HWSUPPLIER computer, there is, of course, only one button on the boxen, and no switch on the power supply for manually turning off power ( appart from riping the cable). No amount of power cycling, or button pressing does anything to resolve the problem, which seems to be that the machine refuses to boot. Since the machine is fortunatly still under $full_warantee ( including full replacement and on site support ) I am assigned the task of calling $HWSUPPLIER and getting this fixed as soon as possible.

First of all, wither their webmasters are complete bastards, or they have been put under pressure to make it as difficult as possible to get any kind of support number from $HWSUPPLIER's website. Main number gets you sales. Support number for $PERIPHERALS_SUPPORT is the only number that mentionned, in passing, that, you know, this is not the phone number for $COMPUTER_SUPPORT , and this is the number bla, blabalab, balbalablbla, blabalbalablabalb HOLD MUSIC. Which means i had to call again because i don't tend to remember well a string of 10 numbers being spoken rather rapidly.

Call $COMPUTER_SUPPORT number, get put on hold. (Enter uniquely Canadian perspective) Being offered the choice of french or english, I figure i might as well go with the mother tongue, since i figure explaining something in french should be simple to another person in french that comes from the same background i do. BAD MISTAKE! Of course their "french canadian support" person is some chick that barely spoke French in a matter that could pass as "comprehensible".

Enter trouble shooting.(fast forwarded and simplified) "Do this" "Do that" "Check for this" "Check for that" "*clickely clickely*" "Well , it could either be a power supply or motherboard issue" ( me, thinking : Well, NO SHIT SHERLOCK ! ) . "If we sent you the part, would you be able to replace it yourself?" ( me, thinking : oh, and opening myself wide open to questions like "Are you sure you connected the new power supply properly?" and the possible bastardy "we can't be held responsible if you install a powersupply improperly" line of thought ? Yeah, fuck you very much for the offer , get me the tech with power supply and extra mobo in here, STAT!).

So tomorow the tech's calling to come for his visit with a powersupply . Let's hope the saga will stay there at that.

------ THE DAY AFTER ------

So the technician come in with his power supply, very nice, very professinal, does a complete replacement. The problem is still not fixed ( aka, machine not booting. again. blinky blinky orange light. hehehehe). So immediatly he calls for a new mobo + processor to be sent. Because obviously there's something wrong here, and it's not the power supply.

What was it that Obi-Wan said again? Oh yeah : "Trust your feelings" . I can't imagine the mess i would have found myself if i had agreed to the half-assed plan to send me a powersuply, and now find myself explaining to this lady that can barely comprehend what i'm saying that it's not the powersuply.

Oh, and apparently i'm told it could have been worse : all the english speaking technicians somehow got outsourced to India. ohh, the joy!

Tomorow, the saga continues!!!
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