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Bastard Operator From Hell's Journal
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Thursday, December 11th, 2008
12:10 pm
Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
12:34 pm
No Mod?
Looks like the maintainer for this community deleted his account? Anyone interested in being the new maintainer before we go to LJ Support?
Monday, June 16th, 2008
4:01 pm
Need a new Gig?
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Monday, March 12th, 2007
11:54 pm
So to update my personal gaming computer to the correct computer time would actually require me to install Service pack 2 ( which would break things). So yeah, Fuck you, eat shit and die microsoft.

As for linux/unix, switching the zoneinfo files was the ticket for me. Howto here .
Thursday, July 13th, 2006
4:52 pm
You started it
Yet another user installed an application that tries to sidestep firewalls -- in this case, some Yahoo VOIP thing that first tries port 5061, but if it can't get through then it falls back to 443 and finally 80, even though it's using SIP and not HTTP or HTTPS.


The best definition I know of for "firewall" is "Network Policy Enforcement Device". So if you engineer an app to bypass typical firewalls, what you've created is, by definition, a "Network Policy VIOLATION Device". So the end users you're trying to help go from just not being able to use an unauthorized application, to potentially being FIRED for trying. User friendly? Hardly.

Look, guys: If you build your nifty thingamabob assuming that network security is your users' enemy, guess what? IT WILL BE.

Play nice. Use your own ports, register and document them. I routinely Google on "product name" and "firewall" to learn what I have to do to allow my users to use said product, and make the appropriate adjustments, usually within 24 hours of the first request from a user that gets approved.

But pull a stunt like Yahoo, and I have to start blocking addresses and checking the status of funding for an SSL proxy and possibly making it a bit hard for our users to get to some approved destinations while figuring out how to block your crap. Result is that I'm not happy, and neither are my users, and so when it reaches someone who can approve the use of your app -- or NOT! -- on our network, my recommendation is going to be "No, we can't trust them" and odds are that the blocks will be made permanent.

And it will be your own fault.
Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
2:42 am
newbs everywhere
02:40:52 >>  iFire!~moogle@S0106001217e1e98d.vf.shawcable.net has joined: #linux
02:41:24  iFire> so, how do you guys partition your hard drives
02:41:34 @hw> very well, thank you.
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
4:29 pm
Script kiddies, for t3h win!

A compsec researcher found out where this gigantic 175 megs package of spyware was coming from (bitorrent files wrapped in a spyware wrapper), and posted all the details of how and what the frikking thing does. ( front page from slashdot )

Next thing you know, the web site for the marketdroids responsible gets 0wned by some people telling them to "fuck off our torrents, back off and die!!!". I can't believe i'm cheering for script kiddies.

the explanation : http://www.vitalsecurity.org/2005/06/aurora-install-source-revealed-and-175.html
the marketdroid's (currently) defaced site : http://www.marketingmetrixgroup.com/
Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
1:23 pm
The joys of hardware support.
AAaahhhh... $HWsupplier .Gotta love that computer company whose name has a strange resemblance with hell, or a well known east coast telco. Because i just lost a good hour of my life dealing with them idiots, i figure i'm well entitled to a regularly sized rant.

For some unknown reason, my bosses have taken it into themselves to buy a bunch of $HWSUPPLIER systems. Considering there are considrable numbers of clued employees well versed in the art of constructing PCs in this office, this decision came out as a little strange. Perhaps they wanted free licences, i do not know.

One of said systems has been requisitionned/put on my desk for several reasons, including the fact that i absolutly need to have a computer with the latest eXPerimental version of redmonware. It is in use for configuring a special brand of server software that, while running on *nix, requests you configure it thru a GUI only available and workable on Redmondware. But i digress ( because this whole paragraph needs a complete rant because of it's subject matter).

So one day i come up , and notice that the power light, which should be in the chosen variation of green,solid seems to be stuck on orange, flashing mode. This being a $HWSUPPLIER computer, there is, of course, only one button on the boxen, and no switch on the power supply for manually turning off power ( appart from riping the cable). No amount of power cycling, or button pressing does anything to resolve the problem, which seems to be that the machine refuses to boot. Since the machine is fortunatly still under $full_warantee ( including full replacement and on site support ) I am assigned the task of calling $HWSUPPLIER and getting this fixed as soon as possible.

First of all, wither their webmasters are complete bastards, or they have been put under pressure to make it as difficult as possible to get any kind of support number from $HWSUPPLIER's website. Main number gets you sales. Support number for $PERIPHERALS_SUPPORT is the only number that mentionned, in passing, that, you know, this is not the phone number for $COMPUTER_SUPPORT , and this is the number bla, blabalab, balbalablbla, blabalbalablabalb HOLD MUSIC. Which means i had to call again because i don't tend to remember well a string of 10 numbers being spoken rather rapidly.

Call $COMPUTER_SUPPORT number, get put on hold. (Enter uniquely Canadian perspective) Being offered the choice of french or english, I figure i might as well go with the mother tongue, since i figure explaining something in french should be simple to another person in french that comes from the same background i do. BAD MISTAKE! Of course their "french canadian support" person is some chick that barely spoke French in a matter that could pass as "comprehensible".

Enter trouble shooting.(fast forwarded and simplified) "Do this" "Do that" "Check for this" "Check for that" "*clickely clickely*" "Well , it could either be a power supply or motherboard issue" ( me, thinking : Well, NO SHIT SHERLOCK ! ) . "If we sent you the part, would you be able to replace it yourself?" ( me, thinking : oh, and opening myself wide open to questions like "Are you sure you connected the new power supply properly?" and the possible bastardy "we can't be held responsible if you install a powersupply improperly" line of thought ? Yeah, fuck you very much for the offer , get me the tech with power supply and extra mobo in here, STAT!).

So tomorow the tech's calling to come for his visit with a powersupply . Let's hope the saga will stay there at that.

------ THE DAY AFTER ------

So the technician come in with his power supply, very nice, very professinal, does a complete replacement. The problem is still not fixed ( aka, machine not booting. again. blinky blinky orange light. hehehehe). So immediatly he calls for a new mobo + processor to be sent. Because obviously there's something wrong here, and it's not the power supply.

What was it that Obi-Wan said again? Oh yeah : "Trust your feelings" . I can't imagine the mess i would have found myself if i had agreed to the half-assed plan to send me a powersuply, and now find myself explaining to this lady that can barely comprehend what i'm saying that it's not the powersuply.

Oh, and apparently i'm told it could have been worse : all the english speaking technicians somehow got outsourced to India. ohh, the joy!

Tomorow, the saga continues!!!

Current Mood: hahahahahha
11:21 am
The User Strikes Back
A friend of mine built his new computer yesterday. AMD Athlon64 system. He's not the most technical of people, but I thought "heh, it's only building a computer, and he's got someone fairly technical next door. He shouldn't have much in the way of problems". Hmmm!

All was going well and good, but for the fact it was turning itself off, generally within around 10 minutes. He rang me up several times, I gave him basic diagnostics, he got nowhere. I went over to check it out. Tested the power supply in another PC, worked fine. Concluded it was something to do with the motherboard, either software or hardware wise. Had a thought, and asked him "Did you take the plastic off the bottom, peeling off from the heatsink paste?" "Er, dunno" came the reply.

Hopped into the BIOS, and checked the temperature. Watched it tick up. 32. 34. 36. Right up to around 68 when it cut out. Decided the processor obviously wasn't getting cooled, so I unclipped the CPU heatsink and fan. Lifted it up, and sure enough, the heatsink paste was all intact. Underneath the huge plastic cover, which covered the whole of the bottom of the heatsink. Which was beginning to melt. Somehow, he'd had managed to leave the original plastic cover on the bottom of the fan/heatsink underneath the heatsink itself, locking it in between the heatsink and processor. So the CPU was in direct contact with... plastic. Which had begun to get deformed and start to melt. Oops. This wouldn't have been anywhere near as bad, if it hadn't been blatantly obvious, at least 1cm deep on the bottom of the heatsink, and the fact the silicon heatsink paste was underneath it, very well protected from any actual heat.

Suffice to say that it cheered me up no end that evening, and everyone who heard pointed and laughed. Including me. Repeatedly.

Funnily enough, after removal of the plastic, it ran at a nice cool 25oC. Shiny.
Lesson of the day: remove the plastic cover off the heatsink BEFORE installing it to a PC. It tends to run much much much better. And not hot enough to boil your coffee.


Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
11:37 pm
I'm having one last try to get the sumo (frankentrashputer turned webserver, samba and more ) fixed, if not, ninja ( new replacement) will have to go ahead with the webhosting duties.

I hate when shit is broken, that stupid ass programs ( RPM creators should die a painful fucking death ) prevent you from doing what you want, when you want it.

Dave : For fuck's sakes, I want to REINSTALL THE ORIGINAL PACKAGE YOU PIECE OF SHIT, let me fix you you stupid ass fuck half-'tard computer.
Sumo : --segmentation fault.
Dave : Fuck you too.

So, any of you have an idea how to force a reversion to an earlier glibc package without RPM telling you to go fuck yourself?
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
12:56 pm
Why men are C, and woman are java based
(stolen from some dudeon the montreal_gamers community)

Tonight, at dinner, I asked my mom if this was a carry-your-plate-around
meal or a pass-the-food-around meal. The response was, "Well, it's kinda
hard to pass the food..."

"So then it's a carry-your-plate-around meal?"


Now, this situation is not all that odd. But just you wait till I bring
history into the discussion. My mother and I have had similar interchanges
once every two weeks for about a year. I ask a really simply question with
a binary answer, and I get an explanation of the answer back. Mind you, and

this is important, the answer is never returned, only the explanation.
After I confirm the relation between the explanation and the answer, the
interchange is over.

This is such a darn simple attempt at communication that I am almost 100%
sure the reason we have problems is due to our inherently different
communication styles. I ask for a boolean answer. Yes or no. Right or
wrong. 0 OR 1 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! And what do I get? A text string. A
freaking text string I have to parse through and comprehend! Like, where
did I say I expected a text string answer? NOWHERE!!!

Being the programming nerd I am, I immediately hypothesized that men speak
(and think, mostly, but that is another rant) in something like C. It's
low-level, precise and efficient. Women, on the other hand, speak in
something like Java. It does more per statement, requires interpreting on
every machine by a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and loses performance
overhead like there's no tomorrow.
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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
12:58 am
how to spot an aoler
00:57:21 >>  [bC]weed[sc]`!darklanpcg@ has joined: #IPv6
01:01:22 [bC]weed[sc]`> whats ipv6-_-?
Monday, January 10th, 2005
11:24 pm
long time, no post
19:59:55 >> Topic for #unix: [@bman] why would you reboot a linux server
daily? [atb`rD] to reset ram [atb`rD] clears it :) [atb`rD] that =
less swap used = faster [atb`rD] bman, im not a first timer, i'm
pretty proficient with linux... i've just been under the impression
that more free ram = better performance
Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
6:01 pm
yup... i think i'm flippin alright. ( real email sent to a customer complaining 10 times about spam)
At 11:38 04-09-06 -0400, you wrote:

-----Original Message-----

Spam (or unwanted commercial emails) is, quite unfortunatly, a fact of online life. Because spammers operate in a domain completely devoid of ethics, common sense, or possibly intelligence, they figure that sending random emails to people that want nothing to do with them will eventually make them rich. Of course the world at large, people like you and me, just find most of the emails they send distasteful at best, or an enraging annoyance all depending.

For the most part, some people must be buying some of the products, otherwise there would be no incentive to send the emails. All i know is that there are several plans in the work to rid the world of spam, but infortunatly, as in most things of this amplitude, no one knows where to start from or how to do it. It's mostly a work in progress.

Most of the email adresses the spammers use are harvested from bulletin boards, webpages, usenet, or guessed thru a "brute force" method ( ex: bob@domain.com robert@domain.com, etc etc etc). When you get on a spammer's list, things start going towards an inescapable descent into junkmail hell.

In the beginning, people provided ways of getting off "the list". Of course, some individuals devoid of any morals simply sent more stuff to people that wanted off the lists, because "OBVIOUSLY this adress works, and this person is checking their email". Which was made even worse by the fact that spammers also trade email adresses between themselves like kids trade baseball cards in schoolyards.

Viruses propagating themselves thru spam add to the increasingly complex problem of dealing with the whole situation, as several of these viruses just want the adresses in the mail program on people's computers, so they can have more names in their "collection".

If you want to stop getting spam, my best suggestion is pretty simple : You will have to change your email adress. And then, you make absolutly sure that you don't post that address on websites ( free registration websites are quite notorious for stuff like this, read the notice before accepting anything ), or on the usenet newsgroups, or anything of the sort ( free greeting cards sites are notorious, for example, to divulge your address to "interested 3rd parties". It's how they pay for the website in the first place.)

A lot of people, me included, have several email adresses : some considered PUBLIC ADRESSES ( when you really must register your adress on something, you register everything with that adress, and accept that address will inevitably get some spam.... but if you lose a password or anything, you can get back into the website you were trying to get in) and PRIVATE adresses ( ones for private correspondance, given only to friends and people you want to receive mail from.

If you have any questions about spam, please do not hesitate to email here. Unfortunatly, there is NO WAY to make all spam stop. But trust me on this, changing your address does wonders.

--D. from the abuse dept.

Current Mood: blah
Friday, May 28th, 2004
7:07 pm
ah mornings!
There's nothing like a leisurely cup of coffee, feet up on the table, enjoying the morning news. Well - reading people's email - but same difference.
Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
5:38 pm
capturing audio from an outside source...
alright ive been at this for some time now and still need some help.

as it stands ive got an audigy platinum in a 2.6.4 gentoo box. using alsa for sound driver(s). i'm attempting to take anything i plug into the Line In on my sound card and capture/record the audio that comes through. (eg. capture audio from a tape deck or a set of turntables+mixer)

anyone got anything that's actually helpful for accomplishing this? google's been nothing but a pain in the ass.

Current Mood: aggravated
12:54 pm
Today : Lapdog, Pix firewalls and thought crimes
Sometimes, waking up is your first mistake of the day.

So as some of the previous viewers of this group probably know, i work abuse@some.isp . Of course, this being a small to medium shop, i also double as router configurator, PFY to both system administrators (both the unixy kind and the windows kind) and general all around email problem dude ( after all, i can read email headers and i know how those email servers work ).

Consequently, one of our special projects is trying to get a lapdog auto authenticated using a w2k swerver for radius authentication thru a cisco fix firewall using the autoauthenticating feeping widgets integrated inside windows exploder so the users can seemlessly login to the network and then be permitted to surf on the outside of the firewall.

You head should be getting a little dizzy by now. And on top of that, instead of sleeping last night, i was instead chased thru 8 hours of dream by the police because of some thoughtcrime or other. Spending 8 hours running away from the cops and then waking up and confronting the autoauthentification fiasco ( which of course just won't work : and a certain integrated browser seems to be the possib...no, main suspect) makes me think of the very first sentence of this post.

And to top it off, the stupid lapdog won't cooperate. Grrr.

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
2:45 pm
*evil sucking noise within*
Client: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla balbalbalablablablabalbalba

ME : So lemme get this straight : everything was working right before you wanted to get this thing to connect automatically, correct ??
Client: yes.
ME : And then you went in internet options, and modified a bunch of things which you don't remember where and what you did , correct?
Client: Yes.
ME : And now that you can't go in (bank's website) and (instant messager software) you're calling me to fix it?
Client : yes.
ME : *twitch*.......*twitch*...... i'll put you on hold sir, just a moment.

Current Mood: *sound of brain being sucked*
Monday, April 5th, 2004
5:39 pm
oh my....
Well a customer finnally did it lol!

I been waiting for this one.

customer :"I keep getting an invalid username and password what do I do?"
Me : "Well sir , do you have youre caps locks on? "
customer :" OMG YES!! Thank you"
Me :" Ok type in youre e-mail addres and @domain.net"
customer :"oh I have to writer "at"?"
Me :" hahahahha sir the @ symbol....."
2:45 pm
Dealing with AOL (/joy!) (/sarcasm!) (updated!)
So i come back today from a week long vacation where i did absolutly nothing, and it was absolutly everything i imagined it to be. And this is what i get in the abuse mailbox.

Read more...Collapse )

Ooohhh, AOL's proprietary e-mail network. No information that is gonna be any use in determining WHY people are complaining at all. I guess this should not be a surprise, considering this crap is coming in from AOL! So i do the next available thing , i go to the website. Result : No information that is gonna be any use in determining WHY people are complaining at all. But there's a phone number.

Result of calling 1-888-212-5537:
*dials phone*
"The holding time for the next available consultant will be more than ten minutes."
...( silence )
"Thank you for calling America online ..."
*spits water all over desk, workdesk and papers*
(an hour later)
Hello, this is postmaster helpdesk, can i help you?

...And here i am explaining to the bloke on the phone the situation, namely that we are getting "Report cards" without any kind of information as to why people are complaining, with no headers or anything at all to help us.

REP:"oh, that's because you don't currently have a feedback loop with us."
ME : "huh? but we received your report cards in the abusemail box."
REP:"Yes, but you don't have a feedback loop with us"
ME :"You know, there are databases on the net where you can get the abuse contact information for ISPs and things like that."
REP:"Yes, but we made our own database"
ME :"Couldn't you have used those as a base for your own database?"
REP:"I cannot comment on that"

... and here are some other juicy interesting tidbits of information from this conversation...

REP: So what are your mail server's IP adresses.
ME : We have several : we're an ISP.
REP: Alright, then give em to me.
ME : That's why we use DNS names for our mail servers : if one breaks, we change the IP to another server while we fix the previous one.
REP: So you can't give me the IPs?


ME : So now we're gonna know what the complaints are about ?
REP: Yes, you should receive an email with headers whenever someone clicks on "place a complain" for that email.
ME : What about duplicates ?
REP: What about them ?
ME : Do you group the duplicates ?
REP: No, you should receive an email with headers whenever someone clicks on "place a complain" for that email.


AOL. There's a reason i use their CDs as coasters. It's not like the data on it is worth anything.

Current Mood: amused
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